Maurizio’s Art
Between tradition and creativity


Simplicity and opulence, strong points that appear in creativity: gold, diamonds, precious stones, pearls, combine themselves in order to give life to a work of great elegance.

Maurizio De Marchi

During my childhood I loved joining my parents at their trusted jewelry to watch accurately the variegated types of manufacturings, capturing every aspect with regard to the realization.

Once I finished my studies at the National Art Institute from then on my experience became more and more solid with the help of the notions I learned from experienced artisans jewelers, which were the starting points from which I could realize a long-cherished dream.
Indeed after few years my passion became a job focused on high standards on the one hand concerning the manufacture and on the other hand regarding the extremely accurate gemstone choice.

The jewels are elaborated into all the details thanks to the will to blend together reason, passion, inspiration and study.
Nothing is left to causality, every detail and combination is choosen, designed and wanted by me.

I define myself as a “tailor” with regard to jewelry, I believe incustom-made creations and in the careful listening and concretization of all the requests I have to face.

Thanks to the achievement of a diploma in gemology GIA ( Gemological Institute of America) my duty, apart from drawing and realizing jewels, consists in evaluating, selecting and analyzing each gemstone I use in my creations in person.

Careful, curious, passionate about the various shades of jewelry, I love restoring the glory of ancient jewels, keeping intact their uniqueness and beauty.

The restoration of jewels is a task that requires great precision and responsibility.
For this reason during the final stages of a work the greatest satisfaction is making someone happy by bringing back happy memories.