Gioielli Italiani

I still believe in the strength of handicraft that starts from a blank sheet of paper and a pencil, from a precise stroke which begins to draw the first draft of a customized jewel.

The cornerstone of my job is making feel vivid sensations and, whoever decides to wear one of my creations has to feel oneself to the full, complete and gratified.
Bringing out the customer’s personality offers an undeniable added value which permits to make a jewel as personal as possible.

I’m a designer in love with my own work and the idea of a custom-made jewel always excites me as much as I love sharing and discussing a particular project with my customesr, in order to conceive innovative solutions and ideal manifacturings for the jewel to make.

Maurizio De Marchi

Handicraft isn’t only about creating something new but also covers reusing pre-owned gemstones and jewels which are no more compliant with the customer’s taste.
In this way I can give a sort of second life to outdated creations , studying a brand new disposition of the gemstones and creating a golden support which enhances the whole result.

My philosophy is a constant looking for the jewel that represents best the person in front of me and the fundamental thing is the joy I feel seeing a fulfilled and happy customer out of my atelier wearing my creations.

Do you want to give a new life to a beloved jewel?